My name is Strachs (not really) and Ia??ve been listening to metal for about 5 times as long as is healthy, having entirely failed to a??grow out of ita?? as many would have expected. This love stretches back in time to when I bravely put my copies of Bon Jovi a?? Crossroads and The Best of Dire Straits to one side and embraced the mix of Rap and Metal that sounded so, so fresh on a Kerrang cover CD of 1998. In the intervening 12 years my fanatical dedication to sourcing out the most brain-addling, technical and teste-mashingly heavy work that the genre has to offer has jaded and warped my mind to such a massive extent that I am now at the point where I once again feel that Sultans of Swing is musically the only way forward.

My favourite Priest album is probably Defenders of the Faith and Piece of Mind is my Maiden album of choice. I have about 1000 CDs and theya??re all in alphabetical order by artist, cross-referenced by release date. Youa??re probably now thinking you wouldna??t want to be stuck in an enclosed space with me, and youa??d be right.

Because I smell.

Of shit.