Dan Gapen – Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D.

Dan Gapen - Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D. have just put out their second album, Black Rivers Flow on Metal Blade & they are about to hit the UK with Bonded By Blood for a double headline thrash feast. With that in mind, we caught up with guitarist & vocalist Dan Gapen to chat about the album, tour, J-Biebz & animal cruelty.

Leave The Hall: I know it’s only been out a few days but how has the reaction been to Black Rivers Flow so far?

Dan Gapen: We think ita??s been great. Sure you are always going to get a few haters but fuck them. The fans have been great and we cana??t wait to party with all of them.

LTH: Stylistically, there’s been a noticeable progression from The Onslaught. You’ve never played straight forward retro thrash but Black Rivers Flow is definitely much more accessible & commercial. Was this a conscious decision or just something that happened as you wrote it?

DG: Well ita??s obviously an evolution. We grew as musicians, and we grew as a band. We knew we wanted to experiment in the vocal department, step up the solos, and really just write a more well thought out and heartfelt record and I think thata??s what we did.

LTH: You’ve worked with James Murphy on both albums. What’s it like working with a legend? Do you ever just sit back & bask in his glory?

DG: We have never met James in person. We track the album at one studio and just send it to James so he can mix and master the record. James does a great job he is top notch.

LTH: You are coming over here for a tour with Bonded By Blood soon. Who’s been the most fun to tour with yet? Anyone you’d like to tour with?

DG: Best tour hands down was with Testament. That was a tour for the ages. We will tour with anyone we dona??t care, we just want to play shows and tear the fucking roof off.

LTH: We love nothing more than a thrash ballad. What are your top 5 thrash ballads?

DG: Too many great thrash ballads to just name 5. Besides I dona??t want to piss anyone off cuz I left them off my list.

LTH: There are definitely not enough inter-band feuds going on in metal at the moment. Are there any bands you’d like to have a feud with? We’ll see what we can sort out.

DG: We dona??t have any band feuds going on at the moment. Maybe we can start a feud with Justin Bieber he just needs to fucking go away.

LTH: What’s the last gig you went to?

DG: Havena??t really been to any gigs we arena??t playing. Ita??s really hard to cut away when you are on tour all the time.

LTH: Who would win a fight between Gary Holt & Gordon Ramsay?

DG: Ia??d have to say Gary Holt would kick that ass. Ramsay looks like a pussy

order zoloft, purchase dapoxetine. LTH: And lastly, whata??s the largest animal you reckon you could kick over a set of goalposts?

DG: Dude, I cana??t kick a football through a goal post let alone some animala??s stink ass.

Lazarus A.D. & Bonded By Blood are hitting European shores next month.

  • 09/03 a?? London, UK a?? O2 Academy 2
  • 10/03 a?? Bristol, UK a?? Area 81
  • 11/03 a?? Milton Keynes, UK a?? Crauford Arms
  • 12/03 a?? Leeds, UK a?? The Well
  • 13/03 a?? Glasgow, UK a?? Ivory Blacks
  • 14/03 a?? Nottingham, UK a?? The Maze
  • 15/03 a?? Southampton, UK a?? Joiners
  • 16/03 a?? Norwich, UK a?? Metal Lust @ The Brickmakers

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