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Patrick Pintavalle

Patrick Pintavalle

We’ve caught up with Patrick Pintavalle, guitarist of one of Leave the Hall’s favourite bands, The Absence. In a break from tradition, we actually interviewed him rather than making up some comedy answers & going back to wanking. Turns out, he’s a lovely guy that could kick a field goal with a possum. You wouldn’t get this kind of hard-hitting, fact-finding journalism anywhere else, would you?

Leave the Hall: Your new album has been out a couple of weeks now, how has the reception been compared to your last 2 albums?

Patrick Pintavalle: Its been cool so far. I have been A?reading some reviews and there are some great ones and some alright ones. I don’t think we can please everyone. That’s how it goes I guess.

LTH: Why the big gap between Riders of the Plague & Enemy Unbound? What have you been up to since 07?

PP: We went through line up changes with drummers and bass players. There were a few tours that slowed us down as far as writing goes. I think we will be putting out more material a lot sooner than this record. Since Jeramie is back in the band we are already starting to write new music.

LTH: Erased is about Total Recall which makes it one of the greatest songs ever written. Any plans for more Arnie based songs?

PP: HA HA HA, I dont think so. It was a great movie that we always bring with us on tour and watch it on the road. We know every quote and bad one liner in it so we just had to make it a song.

LTH: Our review of Enemy Unbound suggested that “Peter Joseph and Patrick Pintavalle play the guitar like men who have sold a ball to Satan”. Is this true?

PP: No not at all. I think we are just old. I guess we are like wine in a way.A?We have been playing guitar since we were teens and now are in our mid thirties.A?Peter might have sold the devil something along the way. HA HA HA.

LTH: You’ve got Tom Englund guesting on the new album. How did that come about?

PP: Tom and Peter were using the same guitars a few years back. They met through online chat Myspace etc. Pete asked him one day if he would be interested in throwing a lead down and he said yes.

LTH: You’ve toured with Destruction, Vital Remains, Grave & Nuclear Assault among others. Which band has been the most fun to tour with? Any bands you’d like to tour with in the future?

PP: Amon Amarth was probably our favorite band to tour with. They were great guys. Very friendly and we would tour with them again in a heart beat. Destruction was a great band as well and we would tour with them again as well.

LTH: Peter, why the move from Caparison to Suhr? Can we have all your Caparisons now that you don’t play them?

PP: He actually made the switch to Ibanez, however that fell through and now hooked up with Suhr and is very happy with that company.

LTH: You really like the whole Gothenburg movement of the nineties, who are your 5 biggest influences?

PP: Soilwork, Archenemy, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Opeth

LTH: And lastly, what’s the largest animal you reckon you could kick over a set of goalposts?

PP: I am watching SportsCenter right now and I think I could kick a possum or a cat with out any problems. I wouldn’t be a favorite of P.E.T.A. though.

The Absence‘s new album, Enemy Unbound is out now on Metal Blade & we reckon you should go buy it now.

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