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Get Damned Or Die Trying : Leave The Hall’s Guide To Damnation Festival

1 day, 3 stages, 25 bands. It’s safe to say things are going to get pretty hectic but don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. We’re going to give you a handy list of the bands you really shouldn’t miss out on.




At the risk of being called a big gay poofter, I’ll come out & say it. Alcest make beautiful music. They purport to be a one-man progressive, post-black metal band but really they are the second coming of Enya. That said, as a middle class child of the mid-eighties, I fucking love Enya. Now, Neige might be a sometimes girly-voiced, French type but he also happens to be one of those insanely talent multi-instrumentalist. As an end result, they divide opinions pretty heavily & I fully expect a few Anaal Nathrakh fans popping in to call him a brie-eating wankstain.

Diascorium & Colonel Blast Opening Terrorizer Stage

Colonel Blast & Diascorum

Colonel Blast & Diascorium

Colonel Blast & Diascorium battled it out for days over the opening slot of the Terrorizer stage. Things ended with them taking 3/4 of the vote between them & only a handfulA?separatingA?the two. Instead of making them fight to the death for the slot, as that would get messy, the Special Olympics approach was taken & everyone won. Well, everyone in Colonel Blast & Diascorium anyway but that’s fine with us. The former are quite happy to tear our faces off with their hyper-brutal modern death metal whilst the latter’s blackened death approach sound like Fenriz fucking Suffocation.

Neither band is content with settling into the pre-defined genre boundaries that many are happy to limit themselves to. The end result is a couple of insanely talented British bands that give us all hope that metal isn’t completely fucked byA?short sightedness, genreA?Nazis & Lamb of Cunting God.

Esoteric & The Ocean

Esoteric & The Ocean

Esoteric & The Ocean

On a purely note to cash basis, Esoteric might look like a bad deal. Their sludgey funeral doom mixed with Mithras-esque spacey progressive death metal has a hypnotic quality that can leave even the most cast iron of bowels emptying it’s load. Their 35 minute set will probably mean they manage to play 2/3 of a track but there’ll need to be a long enough gap between them & The Ocean to get the sea of poo cleaned up.

The Ocean have been pretty busy this year. As they’ve consolidated from a sprawling collective to a 6 piece they’ve got heavier by a degree of tons.A?They’ve put out 2 albums of crushing, progressive sludge & when not in the the studio, they’ve been off on tour or getting a??6000+ nicked off them in Spain. Currently harassing the UK with Dillinger Escape Plan, their Damnation set should be pretty magical as long as their current run of shitty luck ends.

The UK Thrash Scene

UK Thrash Scene

UK Thrash Scene

With Mutant opening the JA?germeister stage & a triple bill of Lawnmower Deth, SSS & Sabbat kicking off at 4:35, you’ve got your new & old school thrashist urges catered for.

Sabbat are on top form at the moment & they’ve been playing Blood for the Blood God lately which is the best thing ever to be put onto the beloved format of flexidisc. There’s also the brilliant Lawnmower Deth who got back together in 08 to support some sort of Welsh turd pride act. Their recent Download appearances went down like a confused granny on a stairwell & it’ll be great to see them on a smaller, more dive-able stage.

Oh & there’s Mutant who put out one of the best EPs of 2009. Now they really need to pull their finger out & give us the best album of 2010! Last but not least,A? we’ve got crossover monsters SSS who have an excellent song about moustaches.

Earthtone Fucking 9



That’s all I need to say. These guys have been MIA for years & there’s no way I’m missing their long awaited reunion. arc’tan’gent is among my favourite albums of all time & if they don’t play a ton off it, I might go have a cry in the corner.

Anyway, that’s who we are looking forward to. If you’ve not got your tickets yet, why the fuck not?! Go buy them now here & we’ll see you on Saturday! I’ll most likely be the fat guy who should put his t-shirt back on & stop pushing children in the pit.

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