Armored Saint

Armored Saint

Legendary LA based metal band Armored Saint recently shot a video in their hometown on July 1st for the track Left Hook From Right Field off their current release La Raza with director Jeremy Schott of Mental Suplex.

Armored Saint – Left Hook From Right Field

Vocalist John Bush describes the video for ‘Left Hook From Right Field’:

“BAD ASS!!! That’s how I would describe this video. The photography is absolutely beautiful. Rene, the boxer, did a nobleman’s job and is convincing as hell. Jeremy’s team was awesome to work with and super efficient. Armored Saint was captured raw and with full buy celebrex, clomid without prescription. power. Sometimes making a video, actually the majority of the time, making a video blows. Not this time!”

Bassist Joey Vera adds

“the video came out great and does justice to the song. We were going for a ‘Raging Bull’ look and I think we captured the vibe for sure. Most videos are pretty boring to make but this one was actually fun. We spent some time shooting scenes ‘on the fly’ and tried things out that were not in the story line, meaning we had a chance to improvise. The story line is a pretty good representation on the allegories that the lyrics paint. Good fun once again.”

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