Go Get Some Hi-Def Glaswegian Brutality Right Up Yer Shitpipe

Cerebral Bore - The Bald Cadaver

Taken from their new album Maniacal Miscreation which is out now.

They are currently buy zoloft online cheap, buy dapoxetine. on tour in Europe with legends Devourment. We’ll let you know what we think of the album when we get our grubby hands on it but if it’s anything like this, there’s gonna be jizz everywhere by the time I’m finished listening to it. If you are on the continent, go check them out!

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A misanthropic cretin only capable of hate & compulsive masturbation. Follow or abuse him on Twitter or Last.fm. When he's not listening to obscure 80s thrash, he likes power ballads & torture porn.

  • Ryan

    I like the Alan Partridge homage throughout.

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