The Black Dahlia Murder European Tour

The Black Dahlia Murder European Tour

The Black Dahlia Murder a??Deflorate European Summer tour 2010a?? kicks off this week

The Black Dahlia Murder begin their a??Deflorate European Summer tour 2010a?? which kicks off in Germany on August 6, 2010 and includes three UK shows including a slot at Hevy Fest. They recently slayed the UK headlining the a??Bonecrusher Toura??. Theya??ll be joined by Despised Icon playing their last ever European dates.

a??Deflorate European Summer Tour 2010a??
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Despised Icon

  • 06.08.10 Germany Leisnig @ Suck N Summer
  • 07.08.10 Germany Wacken @ Wacken Open Air (DI only)
  • 08.08.10 UK Port Lympne Wild Animal Park @ Hevy Fest
  • 09.08.10 UK Sheffield @ Corporation
  • 10.08.10 UK London @ Garage
  • 12.08.10 Czech Rep Jaromer @ Brutal Assault
  • 13.08.10 Germany Aschaffenburg @ Colos Saal
  • 14.08.10 Belgium Ieper @ Ieper Fest
  • 15.08.10 Holland Rotterdam @ Baroeg (Matinee)
  • 16.08.10 Germany Bochum @ Matrix, Summer Seek And Destroy *
  • 17.08.10 Germany SaarbrA?cken @ Garage, Summer Seek And Destroy *
  • 18.08.10 Germany MA?nchen @ Feierwerk
  • 19.08.10 Austria Wien @ Szene, Summer Seek And Destroy *
  • 20.08.10 Germany DinkelsbA?hl @ Summer Breeze
  • 21.08.10 Switzerland Muotathal @ Mountains of Death (BDM only)

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