Download Vs Sonisphere

Download Vs Sonisphere

With Download & Sonisphere both making their first line-up announcements, the internet is full of speculation, chatter & utter nonsense regarding which festival is better. We’ll start with a few facts, shall we?

Download got the ball rolling with it’s announcement of Avenged Sevenfold & System of a Down. Sonisphere responded by upping the stakes in the dead band members Top Trumps with Slipknot as their first headliners. The debate now rages over which is better, who has been more influential, who gets the best part of A?200 this year? LiveNation or Kilimanjaro?

I’ll tell you who wins. It’s cheap zoloft online, Zoloft reviews. fucking obvious.

Bloodstock 2011

Bloodstock 2011

Coroner, Triptykon, Immortal, Morbid Angel, Lawnmower Deth, Angel Witch, Rhapsody. Barring fucking Therion, the line-up is pretty much untouchable. Short of Sonisphere announcing Van Halen with Hagar, Death & Artillery, there’s no way they’ll outdo Bloodstock. You might have also noticed that if you buy your Bloodstock tickets before the 15th of December, they are A?95.00. That’s A?95.00 to see Morbid Angel which is a fucking bargain & the rest are free! Buy Tickets For Bloodstock here & we’ll see you there!

Oh & if anyone tells you that Slipknot are better than Coroner, kick them very hard in the cunt for me.

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  • Adamvgregory

    This is Priceless………


    You don’t like Therion :’-( *tear*

  • Enda Madden

    Love it 🙂

  • Simon

    Haha – Fuck Sonispheres with a rod of its own Shite!!!

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