'kin Hell Fest - The Well, Leeds

'kin Hell Fest - The Well, Leeds

Propah Bloody Messy Dahn T’t Yorkshire

Notorious Leeds-based troublemaker, Paulie P has put together quite the line-up. 13 of the UK’s heaviest bands come together for an all-day extravaganza of doom, death, black, grind, tech & slam. For only 8 of your English pounds advance, you can join the fun down at The Well on Saturday, 19th November. Doors are 12pm so get down early.

The final line-up is as follows:

  • INGESTED (brutal DM / slam / core – Manchester)
  • ASTROHENGE (metal / prog / classical / sludge / party / all! – London)
  • KHUDA (epic / instrumental / riffage – Leeds)
  • THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN (power violence / grind / crust – Leeds)
  • SKULL BRANDED PIRATES (heavy metal / party times – Leeds)
  • DIASCORIUM (extreme / tech / black / death – Leeds)
  • FOETAL JUICE (old school grind / death / fun – Manchester)
  • COLONEL BLAST (hc / metal / heavy – Chester)
  • THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT (grind / crust / sludge – Northants)
  • OBLIVIONIZED (tech / death – London)
  • WIZARD’S BEARD (sludge / doom – Leeds)
  • NINKHARSAG (black metal – Liverpool)
  • DECAYED MESSIAH (mosh / DM / core – Leeds)

We’ll be making the trip down so we’ll catch you all there!

There’s sponsorship from Zero Tolerance Magazine, Give Praise Records, Eiger Music Studio & UK Extreme Metal plus some huge merch stalls so bring your pocket money. Email kinhellfest@gmail.com for any information & check out www.kinhellfest.webs.com for all the details.

Facebook event page:- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=214767711898473

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