Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

Anaal Nathrakh

Anaal Nathrakh

Passion (for teenage black metal vagina)

Ita??s 2:30 in the morning and Ia??m listening to the new Anaal Nathrakh record entitled ‘Passion’.

Anaal Nathrakh are your local cheeky chappies with a penchant for writing naughty blackened core riffs, that are ridiculously fast for no apparent reason. They have been spewing out more records in the last decade than the average teen mother fires out abominations. If you dona??t know who Mick Kenney is, just leave it at that. Leta??s have a wee listen and see if the Passion is there.

Ita??s immensely slick produced and highly triggered, more so than an NYC cop about to have a show down with some Hispanics of the local drug cartel. I hate it. It kicks off pretty sharpish, with a short clean intro before the mayhem of toilet fun consumes my ears and my mind encourages me to reach for the stop button on the stereo. I persevere. There are some great Emperor-isms in the music, but I cana??t for the life of me think that this is complete generic nuggetry by the numbers and the evidence of any Black Metal influence Baclofen for sale, zithromax online. is non-existent let alone grindcore.

There ARE some good points though, this is a great family record of course. The riffs are well executed and well played. The vocals are hilarious, sometimes sounding like a domestic abuse scenario. The song titles are you usual evil pish, I cana??t particularly distinguish each song because the vocals are continuously fucking tragic/laughable. a??Post Traumatic Stress Euphoriaa??? Ia??ve taken a shite that is more appropriately titled than this garbage.

Black Metal used to be dangerous or at least scary sounding (ish), Ia??d get more thrill giving Ian Huntley my children for the weekend. The detuned dirge of this record is like playing with marshmallows in your lovely Costa hot chocolate. Tunes like Ashes Screaming Silence are more like gentle tickles on the ear rather than sonic devastation.

I really dona??t like this record. Ita??s about as necro as the local Glaswegian graveyard filled with solvent abusers and vampires. Fenriz would not approve. If this is modern day extreme metal then we are extremely fucked, straight in the bum bum. There isn’t any passion (Irony eh!?) behind this record, therea??s no attention to detail with the little things, everything is compressed to a flat line and the fucking vocal levels hitting the red to make it sound more extreme isna??t cool and just makes it all sound severely rushed. The snare is repetitive and sound replaced, cut and pasted, slapped, buggered bashed and sodomized into the utter shite it sounds. Ia??d take St. Angera??s drum sound over this.

Picture an extreme metal guidebook, they have covered nearly everything with this record. An album that isna??t needed, take a 5 year hiatus Anaal Nathrakh and come back with something more captivating. Cradle of Filth covered this stuff a decade ago, as did Emperor with the operatic stuff. Mick Kenney needs to burn a church or something. Death/Fiddler/Chunk core bands are writing better music than this utter fudgey poo, of course, there will be a bunch of folk saying, ‘Aww this is rapid, pyoor fuckina?? extreme and amazing’. They are cretins, dona??t listen to them.

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A Black Metal bastard with a love for Old School Death Metal and Dance Pop. When he's not out burning churches or writing Black Metal chaos, he's drinking tea or admiring forests and touching your kids. While admiring forests... obv

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  • An Absolute Cretin

    And bang! Just like that, Leave The Hall’s free ticket to review next year’s Damnation Festival goes down the toilet…

  • Ewen Cameron

    Aww, we’d be lovely at Damnation as usual. We’d even bring those cakes we promised last time. To be fair, I’ve not heard the new Nathrakh but it’s had some pretty mixed reviews so I’m staying out of all this until I hear it.

  • Doom

    Fuck yer Damnation review

  • thafuckuman

    yeahhhh lets burn some churchs and listen to black metal……fuck you and your review
    who told this is black metal
    fuck you

  • Mr. Moustache

    Hilarious how this author clearly does no research. Drums sound triggered and replaced? I wonder if that’s cause they HAVE ALWAYS USED A FUCKING DRUM MACHINE?! And yes, these guys haven’t been Black Metal since 2004. Good for you for figuring that out.

    Maybe you should have played this on a good stereo, instead of your ipod’s earbuds, then you might have been able to notice “the little things”.

    And lastly, the vocals on this album are awesome. Don’t agree? Then go throw away your copy of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (if you even own it).

  • Doom

    Very funny dick. Hell is Empty is a fucking great album and in my opinion the only album by them I like. I have also seen them live a few times and still bring the conclusion that their live sound is just mud and garbage. But the reason I fucking hate this load of shit is,  funnily enough because it IS shit. Pointless, unnecessary and extreme for no valid reason.  

    I actually played it on a pair of Sennheiser headphones aswell as a decent set of speakers as I’m fully aware of the difference in sound. Go bumhuff somewhere else you stupid black cunt. The reason I hate this trash of an album is because it’s plastic fuckcore and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guitars were fucking programmed. 

    Why would I throw away my copy of De Mysteriis, because a cretin off the internet told me to? A person who is evidently butthurt at someone detesting an album? An album that is as greasy and masturbatory as a fucking wop sleezin’ over some 14 year old. Attila Csihar (that’s the singer on De Mysteriis by the way, as I’m sure you probably thought it was Dead) made De Mysteriis with his GOOD vocals.  Dave Hunt has nothing on Attila. Go figure. Clot. 

  • Nicholas

    I liked HIEAATDAH and ITCOTBW, thought they were quality albums, but this review is fucking great and the comments are even better. 1 singular jobbie covered Beherit hahahaha

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