Bring Me The Horizon – There Is A Hell…

There Is A Hell, Life Without Grimmett. There Is A Heaven, Oli Sykes Being Ingested By A Horny Ian Watkins, Innit.

BTMH New Album

Om Nom Nom Nom

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5 Oli Sykes & a request to leave the hall

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Probably the worst man on the internet, he enjoys Thrash, Death, Prog and Halford. Not necessarily in that order. Outside of music his hobbies include sitting about, moaning about things and Manowar. See how much Michael Bolton he listens to on

  • Dick Move

    Question is… why were you looking at gay porn? 😛

  • Penny

    Music journalism at its finest.

  • Strachs

    The animal porn site was down.

  • Seleyy

    That’s pure journalistic art.

  • das chap

    Sykes being gobbled is a bit tame.
    I have shoved him up a donkey’s arse.

  • Noone

    What a sorry excuse of an article. I’m all for  the slating of BMTH but this is just plain lazy.

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