Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation

Cerebral Bore

Cerebral Bore are more serious than you. Except for Paul. He looks bored.

Ever Been Punted Really Hard In The Cunt?

I mean really hard. Like Frank Mullen took a run up cheap clomid online, purchase clomid. & punted you square in the nads hard. Oh, and he did it repeatedly for 32 minutes? If not, then you are in for an experience.

It’s 4 years since the last Cerebral Bore release, The Dead Flesh Architect so it’s probably a good thing it’s not shit. Quite the opposite in fact. The Bore have been touring the world with some of the biggest names in brutal death metal, going through vocalists like Barrymore goes through pool boys & becoming a permanent attraction on the continental deathfest circuit. In other words, aye, they’ve not been slacking but thankfully they also found time to write a couple more songs.

As required by the Big Book of Brutal Death Metal, the album opens with a sample although, in a break from tradition, it’s taken from Trainspotting rather than A Serbian Film. It’s rare to get a chance to praise the compostion in a brutal DM release. It’s usually a case of throwing all the heaviest shit they’ve got at your face & hoping some of it sticks but Maniacal Miscreation buzzes, slams & blasts in all the right places. Guitarist, Paul, has a sack of riffs far more diverse & memorable than most & his stubborn refusal to re-use a single one is refreshing. Take note, Kerry King, you don’t have to hold onto each one of the 3 riffs you ever wrote like they are your beloved children. I’m of the opinion that brutal DM has the propensity to be as boring as watching a Snow Patrol album when done wrong so it’s a pleasant change that the album barrels along like a schizophrenic bull pissing lasers & fire from it’s massive death-cock. Everything the Bore do is underpinned by one of the best rhythm sections in the UK scene. Drummer McDibet’s precision blastingA?rarely lets up throughout. When it does, it’s usually to allow some filthy grooving or erotic bass fills from the more than capable fingers of Mr Rutherford.

Much verbal feces has been spouted from both sides of the retard-spectrum about new vocalist Som. This tends to swing from “Dur, wumin cnt do vokillzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” to “ZOMG, bst vokilist evarzzzzzzzzzzz, rrly leik her chebz!!!1!11!!!!” but put simply, she’s damn good. Heavily influenced by John Gallagher (Dying Fetus), she brings ultra-low gutterals capable of turning your scrotum into an internal organ & a great range of pig squeals, grunts & growls. Lyrically, the Bore stick to safe, non-controversial topics like everyone’s favourite Austrian DIY legend, Josef Fritzl & Jade Goody’s death by cancer so it’s a perfect Christmas present for your gran as long as she likes cancer & incest.

We've posted this before but go watch it again, you fucks!

Epileptic Strobe Entrapment‘s staccato, machine gun drums & chaotic time signature changes do a decent job of simulating an seizure. Well, that’s my excuse anyway, I woke up covered in piss & saliva. The relentless bass line of Entombed In Butchered Bodies is a testament to the band’s stamina & talent even if parts are a bit too similar to the brilliant final track, 24 Year Party Dungeon. Flesh Reflects The Madness sees a Morbid Angel influence creep in & stands out as one of the highlights on the album. In fact, the album closes with it’s 3 strongest tracks. The title track is one of the slower numbers but that’s not to say that once it gets going, it doesn’t leave your ears looking like the tattered rectum of a child prostitute on the back streets of Athens. The slithering guitar work & manic bass of the closer is probably the most representative track of what they are all about as it blasts your ass cheeks apart before slamming so hard you can feel your vertebrae compressing, cracking & shattering. The inclusion of Glaswegian-isms throughout is genius, I’m fairly certain this is the first & last album to include the line “I’ll jab yer da!”.

Recorded & produced down at Foel Studios (Napalm Death, Godflesh, everyone who’s anyone), the album sounds far better than you’d expect from a self-financed debut. It’s pretty obvious why Earache picked these guys up & the album will be getting a re-release in the new year.A?Death metal release of the year? Tech-heads will complain at the lack of solos but for my money, it’s got to be up there.

* Editor’s Note – I started this review on 22 September, 2010. This makes me a massively lazy cunt but I reckoned I’d better finish it up before we do our top 10s.

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  • Smoonegrri

    Heavily influenced by Gallagher? Where’d u get that from dear?
    Thanks for your review, we appreciate it alot.


  • http://www.leavethehall.co.uk/ Ewen Cameron

    Haha, might just be me then but I heard a lot of Fetus in there. 😀

  • Mike

    Maybe Noel Gallagher?

  • PaulCerebralbore

    I can say with 100% accuracy from my own brain, that i am more influenced by Noel Gallagher than john.

  • http://www.leavethehall.co.uk/ Ewen Cameron

    Paul, we all know your only influence is Richie Sambora. I can’t wait for the next Bore album. It’s going to sound like These Days meets Morbid Angel.

  • Frank

    Epic review.

    I’m a 42 year old cunt from Dutchland and I seriously can’t remember getting this excited over a new band/cd EVER.

    Excellent musicians, excellent sound.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001246165076 Martin ‘Gorgasm’ Donaldson

    Som is one of the best vocalist’s i have heard…and hottest too! 😛

  • http://www.leavethehall.co.uk/ Ewen Cameron

    Let’s not go crazy here, I dunno if she’s as hot as Chris Lewis. She did beat him at death metal though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001246165076 Martin ‘Gorgasm’ Donaldson

    I ment she is the hottest female vocalist…unless chris is a women which wouldn’t surprise me.

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