Cyvoid – Cyvoid

Cyvoid - Cyvoid EP

Cyvoid - Cyvoid EP

It’s a simple rule. Stick space in front of anything & it immediatley becomes buy zoloft, lioresal without prescription. cooler. Watch:

  • Ship, pretty cool, Space ship, fucking cool.
  • Lord, pretty cool, Space Lord, fucking cool.
  • Balls, pretty handy, Spaceballs, fucking awful.
  • Thrash, pretty cool, Space Thrash, I want to put my dick in it & make dirty little space babies.

Now, Cyvoid‘s line-up looks like someone trawled the gutters of Leeds on a Sunday morning for the first 5A?unconsciousA?musicians they could fine but they assure me it was slightly more intentional than that. With members from a fairly diverse collection of bands (The Plight, Send More Paramedics, Antares, End of Empires), it might come as a surprise that the end result is a such a cohesive, nuts-out thrashgasm.

IntroA?Revok features a dive bomb so long it would have Darrell Abbott shitting his coffin before giving way to the mid-tempo bass groove ofA?Phenotype. Blade Runner-inspired Time To Die serves as an excellent demonstration of how to play a Kirk Hammett solo at 4 times the speed of light but it’s all over too quickly for me. I’m left with a good sized erection as they drop to half speed for a gang vocal-driven outro. Things are slowed down (slightly) for the chugging hardcore breakdownA?Idoru allowing them to explore Suicidal Tendencies‘ end of the crossover spectrum. Finally we are left sitting in the toxic feces, trashcanA?foetuses &A?dystopian nightmare visions of closerA?Landfill Gulag.

Clocking it at only 17 minutes, you are left begging for more. A cynic might accuse Cyvoid of being nothing more than SMP with a sci-fi fetish rather than a zombie one but that would miss out the thrashier aspect they bring to this filthy, crossover party. Whilst B’Hellmouth/Professor Oblivion‘s distinctive vocals don’t dissuade from this hypothesis, there is a solid foundation of Bay Area thrash that leaves the end result sounding like far more new intellectual property than a tribute. Inject some Killing Technology-era Voivod mental into that monster & you are looking into the eyes of the rectal bleed-inducing alternative to the sad, boring Exodus aping of the average thrash-revival 5 piece.

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  • Jono

     this review has now reminded to actually go and buy this, as is obviously necessary!

  • Ewen Cameron

    YES!  Go buy it now! Buy it here : In shiny black vinyl! 

  • antares

    fucking great release, glad to see that people are taking note of these crazy motherfuckers..

  • VitaminB

    Spaceballs is an awesome movie. Rick Moranis and John Candy!!!!!
    get your facts right.

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