Obviously we here at Leave the Hall have long been aware of the genius of Death and their final album and as such can’t be bothered writing about the re-release of something that you will probably already own. Also you will notice we are extremely lazy. So, instructing you to purchase this if you do not already own it and sealing The Sound Of Perseverance with the official 5 Grimmett stamp of approval, Strachs decided it would free up more masturbation time if he delegated the review itself out to one of the many internet music critics who populate lesser sites…

Daath Band


Death Show All How To Do It!!!!1

Death is a new fresh band sound for the millennia. This is their new album and it goes by the title of the Sound of Perseverance. I have had many listens of it in order to best convey to you the sounds and elements that are contained within, and hope to provide a true illustration of the music that is comprising of this compact disc.

The mainman and focus point of this hard rock warriors of steel is Chuck Schooldinner, who brings a dynamic and intimdating presents to the vocalisations in the style of Arch Enemya??s Angela Gossow. I think maybe she was a big influence on him. The guitar work is of a high standard and can perhaps be compared to the pioneers of the death metal genre Black Dahlia Murder or maybe again to the fabulous Arch Enemy. These guitar lines allow a heaviness while also providing our ears with some melodious elements, occasionally combining to give a sonic soundscape that is at once aggressive and yet also melodious. Opening track Scavenger of Human Marrow is a great opener that sets the president for the rest of the album and delivers the first blow of rock and metal on your ears. Voice of the soul uses a different kind of guitars to achieve a relaxing style of Paroxetine for sale, buy clomid. music that reminds me of Killswitch Engage and their instrumentational interluditions. Each song Death performed is different, these brought an invasion that I thoroughly admired, making the audience like a blitz! The best song is probably Painkiller, where Death expand their song writing skills to come up with a revolutionary sound that shakes you with the power of true metal defending of the faith, something that will give pleasure to us defenders of the faith true metal faith defenders warriors of the world steel leather metal fans. My advice to the band Death would do well to write more songs like Painkiller in the future.

Given the excellent surprise that this new album has given to my ears I will have no doubt to use this album on my iPod for a long, long, long time! The use of guitars, vocals, bass and drums is a fantastic original combination that works well on here. I think that it is now time for Death to move into the top bracket of death metal, with established favourites like metal masters Job For A Cowboy and Suicide Silence. Yes, I will rate it as highly as that along with those excellent, legendary bands. I am largely looking forward to the release of Death next album!


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  • B1ackBird

    Angela Gossow was a big influence on Chuck Schuldiner??!! man, you really shouldn’t wright your articles when you are that high, drugs are bad for you

  • darkcelium

    hey, is it real? is sarcasm? wtf are you writtin’? Are you serious??? Ok you’re talkin’ about cool things of the band, but ???

  • Prom3therion

    schooldinner. lmao. funny read, but this album truly is a great one.

  • Thedrummeryouseek

    This is obviously a attempt a joke, but i don’t make jokes about dead men, espicially CHUCK SCHULDINER! Man I get what your trying to say, taking the piss or whatever but its not funny just reminds me of how shit metal has got compared to those days. And the sad death of Chuck. Go take the piss out someone who isn’t an actual DEAD metal legend.

  • VitaminB

    Knock Knock.
    Who’s There?
    Not Dimebag.

    Real talk.

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