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Probably the worst man on the internet, he enjoys Thrash, Death, Prog and Halford. Not necessarily in that order. Outside of music his hobbies include sitting about, moaning about things and Manowar. See how much Michael Bolton he listens to on Last.fm.

  • Fuckthisblog

    oh my fkin god u r so fukin gay if u like gay music like dyin foetus but not like bands like job for a cowboy and 5fdp, u guiz dont care bout real metal u just care bout whatever gay SHIT is cool now dyin foetus sounds like some1 being sick u cant even here the lyrics u guys r gay as fuck btw

  • Glitchedgamer

    So, gay shit that is cool now like Job for a Cowboy and 5FDP?

  • CuntBuster

    Oh Ewen, you scoundrel!

  • pelsebuubi

    Sweet review. Not giving it 5/5 Grimmetts is a major brain fart though.

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