Job For A Cowboy – Gloom EP

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A Black Metal bastard with a love for Old School Death Metal and Dance Pop. When he's not out burning churches or writing Black Metal chaos, he's drinking tea or admiring forests and touching your kids. While admiring forests... obv

  • Ryan Vaske

    i can’t tell if your BIO is a lie, or if someone hacked your account to write this review. their debut album, DOOM, had terrible riffs, and was only good for playing loud and scaring other 13 year olds. (how old i was when it came out). this new album is the best they’ve writted yet

  • Doom

    Doom was an EP, their first full length was Genesis, which was fucking savage and I really liked it! But aye Doom was mince.

  • Büh-Büh Ray Appleyard

    Writted? You cretin.

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