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Morbid Angel

Poo Extreme!

8 years. 8 fucking years. Imagine if a loved one had been gone for nearly eight whole years then you had received word that they were due to make a return, so you looked anxiously at the days rolling by as the date approached. Each one seemed to grow longer as the big day drew closer. Finally, the day arrives and your dear, dear friend rings the doorbell. Excitedly you run to the door and open it, only to see that in the intervening years they’ve had a swastika and matching Hitler a??tache tattooed on their face. You only have a fleeting moment to take this in, however, as 2 seconds later theya??ve clubbed you over the head with a claw hammer and are now frantically arse-raping both your body and your cherished shared childhood memories on your own fucking doorstep. Imagine this. Keep the imagery in your mind and then a?? and only then a?? listen to Illud Divinum Insanus, the new and long awaited album from Morbid Angel.

Following your bog standard metal intro track, opener Too Extreme! blurbs out at you and your first reaction, I GUARANTEE, will be a??what the fuck?a??, maybe accompanied by an actual cartoon double-take and full-on eye-rubbing. Imagine the intensity, power and speed of early Berzerker, then entirely remove all intensity, power and speed so youa??re left only with their flabby, artificial bass drum sound. Now loop it slowly and repetitively over and over and over and over and over and youa??re halfway to the sound that this musical prolapse is achieving. Add in David Vincent shouting “Extreme!!!” and “We are your new religion!a?? over it like hea??s trying to forcefully influence your opinion a?? which here is a lot like screaming a??Fillet steak!a?? in someones face while force-feeding them mushed up dog turd on toast a?? and what may be guitars (Ia??m honestly not sure) that sound like merry-go-round music being played at quarter speed and there you have it. One eight year gestation aborted right onto your face.

Existo Vulgare is at least a Death Metal song, though it is underwhelming when compared to any of the greats or indeed fillers from the bands past. Blades For Baal is a significant step up and is finally something that Morbid Angel fans can get their teeth into, despite sounding like a fairly faithful rehash of the fast parts of Nothing But Fear from Domination. Funnily enough, in the sea of forced dance beats, rapping and industrial that comprise the majority of Illud… in an attempt to be ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘relevant’, this blast from the past is the freshest sounding track on the album.

I Am Morbid shows that not everything from 1995 stands the test of time quite as well, as the sub-Far Beyond Driven groove riff which ushers in this jaw-droppingly spineless attempt at commercialism is so incredibly poor that the fully fledged Disturbed song that follows it isna??t even a surprise. Honestly, this is Rob Zombie levels of shit. As a shitmus test, try going Uh-wah-ah-ah-ah over it in David Draiman style and you will see that not only does it work, it actually sounds better than David Vincenta??s vocals. Remember when you thought that Morbid Angela??s slower songs were like God Of Emptiness or Where The Slime Live? Forget it.

10 More Dead features a riff at least reminiscent of the aforementioned slow classics and despite some really bad lyrics and ill-concieved gang vocals is boosted by a strong second half, but ita??s hard to know whether the sorrow caused by the previous track is just making it seem better as it goes on. This theory is proved correct as Destructos Vs. The Earth/Attack begins and goes from sounding like the thankfully long forgotten Powerman 5000 to Marilyn Manson, a big mish-mash of industrial sounding nonsense that will have you desperately scratching at your face to try and get it off. But you just cana??t, ita??s already on there. Fuck! As the minutes a?? 7 of them a?? ticked by with the repetitive, monotonous droning of Destructosa?? I prayed that the Attack part was going to come in and, you know, attack things a bit. Sadly ita??s merely a 20 second long piece that again sounds like The Berzerker. At least Tim Yeung actually gets to play the drums fast. Yay.

Nevermore, being the first song that surfaced from the album, has a familiarity to it that is so, so welcome after the harrowing experiences that have passed. Ita??s not a great track on its own merits, but yet again is elevated high above itself by virtue of its standing on a ladder in a field of manure. Beauty Meets Beast, while suffering from the bad title, bad lyrics affliction that is also troubling the album, at least continues the musical momentum, being another solid track with a rather awesome solo section that, with its slightly more melodic tendencies, would be right at home on Domination.

After those two tracks you could almost think you were listening to a Morbid Angel album. Sadly the next song, Radikult, is the worst song thing ever. EVER. Radikult? Oh yeah, cos da kidz is all saying radical, yeah? Cos it’s 1991 yeah? And cult means kind of evil, yeah? And the K means it’s more evil? Yeah. They are repping themselves about their longevity and popularity, which brings to mind the most vomit-inducing trappings of hip-hop, describing themselves as a??Hardcore Radicalsa?? which, as well as being bite-your-fist cringeworthy and making them sound like a bad WWE tag team, is patently untrue. This song has to be heard to be believed. Ita??s like one of the most base level Nu-Metal tracks from The Burning Red being covered by Hatebreed with extra riffs borrowed from The Beautiful People. And ita??s over 7 minutes long. And thata??s David Vincent bro-rapping over it. Waita?? is that David Vincent saying “Cop-killa”?

Stopa?? Stopa?? Hea??s already dead.

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Profundis a?? Mea Culpa, as well as aptly being Latin for Ia??m really, really sorry, presumably an admission of guilt for the preceding cluster wank, is just a load of hardcore dance music fucking bollocks. The carnival guitars are back from Too Extreme! and by now I just want them to make it stop. Thankfully it eventually does and I will never, ever have to listen to it again… Now for the gruelling years of therapy it will take to make me forget the whole nightmare happened.

While I am a musical grump at the best of times, I honestly have nothing against bands trying to broaden their sound and add in some different twists a?? providing ita??s done well and has artistic merit. This, however, is like Iron Maiden releasing a Reggae album, Nile dabbling in R&B or Chuck Schuldiner returning from the grave and faithfully covering Chico Time. Yes, musicians can do what they wish, but releasing an album with less than 5 tracks that are recognisable as Morbid Angel after an 8 year gap is just spitting in the face of the very fans who allow them to do this for a living. If Trey Azagthoth and David Vincent had written 3 more shit songs and released them all as a side project called Treyvid Vincenthoth it would just have been very funny, but to put this half-baked turd out under the Morbid Angel name is a tragic and potentially irretrievable folly. It’s incredible and worrying to think that during the writing, recording, mixing and promotion process no-one had the balls to speak out and say “Hang on a minute here lads, this is actually an ass load of shit”. Shame on you.

Come back St. Anger, all is forgiven.

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  • Anonymous

    pretty much, yep.

  • Anonymous

    pretty much, yep.

  • Anonymous

    pretty much, yep.

  • Mike

    “Come back St. Anger, all is forgiven.” – Perfect

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  • Mik

    That reviews sums up with great accuracy my exact thoughts about this joke of a record. 

    “Illud…” is so desperately bad. Totally unreal piece of crap with a bunch of average death tracks that suffer from a flat production, unbearable old sounding clicky kick trig and overbearing vocals which makes those egotistic/chidish lyrics perfectly audible.

    Fuck me, I must be dreaming…

  • DM

    100 percent agree. R.I.P Morbid Angel

  • mintberrycrunch

    Great review. The good songs are underwhelming and the bad ones are….wow, just wow. I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone involved with making this record thought something like “Radikult” was a good idea. David Vincent isn’t just bad on this album: he’s humiliatingly terrible. Whoever wrote those lyrics should be deeply ashamed of themselves, these are middle-aged men here, not 18 year old frat bros. Vincent sounds like he’s trying to be Fred fucking Durst and it’s stupendously fucking awful. I mean if you have not heard this stuff yet be aware that none of these criticisms are exaggerated even slightly. If anything, they’re too kind. Iit’s that bad.

  • dude

    Honest review bravo, but you are too kind and you forgot the childish female destructor vocals…

    Someone should kick david vincent in the nuts over and over again until he is not capable of singing anymore, he deserves worse

  • Fubar Bundy

    The most forthright review of anything ever. Its a terrible shame what happened to Morbid Angel.

  • Fubar Bundy

    The most accurate and forthright review of any thing ever. What ever happened to Morbid Angel?

  • Eveilblood

    the album sucks !!! -a message by algerians metal heads-

  • Wangoed

    This is my favorite Illud review so far. Turd metaphors are really the only appropriate ones. Hey, at least the new Hate Eternal is great!

  • Morbidangelsucks

    “Cold Lake” ..yee have been dethroned.

  • discogs4life

    The album is total shit, anyone who says otherwise obviously hasn’t bought it yet ?
    The worse thing they’ve EVER done

  • Nevermore

    This review is so funny i had to return and read it again. I completely agree. The musics bad , the lyrics are cheezy , the album cover is boring , and the titles are stupid. This reminds me when Megadeth released Risk and after hearing it once, i decided i better not ever hear it again because it will forever change the way i look at the band. Even the promo picture above your review is bad. Trey looks worried as if he knows were going to be dissapointed. David looks like Jonney Cash dressed as a tranny, and I dont know what  to think of the bouncer with the receding hair line on the left , or the asian girl in the middle.  What the hell  happened ?

  • Head Ov Metal


  • SnackToxin

    Personally I think even just the one Grimmett is far too generous.

  • Anonymous

    This has to be the most accurate review I’ve ever read. Good job you mad cunts.

  • R.I.P. Morbid 2011

    It is the perfect review. This stains the name of Morbid for all eternity and just thinking about it gives me douchechills galore. I could not in my wildest nightmares have imagined not buying an album from these guys but this is way beyond the line of releasing utter shit. Thank fuck for the internet as this would have been bought by the masses, me included, without blinking. Thanks for the review – it was top drawer.

  • R.I.P. Morbid 2011

    Nice interpretation of the band photo. I needed a laugh, so thank you mate!

  • Arjozofem

    This just shows how Morbid Angel is on the edge of extreme poseur-bashing and crushing fucking metal troglodytes, who are not worthy of the gift of life, because of being humourless whores. Die.

  •ño/1036453185 Alex Londoño

    Illud Divinum Insanus, Morbid Angel is the worst record ever

  •ño/1036453185 Alex Londoño

    they blocked the haters on the facebook page (the real supporters for almost  2 decades)

  • Jerry soft

    you’re writing like your opinion means fuck all, on a site called “leave the hall”, which is an obvious Manowar reference – therefore your musical “opinion” is as invalid as semi naked men, smothered in oil and donning loincloth.

  •ño/1036453185 Alex Londoño

    HE HE HE

  • Anonymous

    Makes perfect sense.

  •ño/1036453185 Alex Londoño


  •ño/1036453185 Alex Londoño


  • David Vincent’s beard

    You mad bro?

  • Metallatem

    This album is awesome, shut up.

  • VitaminB

    You sir are a fool.

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  • In_Waves

    da fuck is this faggotry?  aside from the facts that a) morbid angel couldnt do an album that didnt ROCK HARD if they tried to   b)  morbid angel are the HEAVIST metal act still fighting the good fight, and deserves your respect no matter what they release, you guys are a bunch of fuckin faggots with clearly no musical taste or talemt!!  this album desreves 500 fuckin grimmetts becuz it’s MORBID FUCKING ANGEL MAN

    fu ck you guys, haters!

  • Stu Moore

     Do your careworkers know youve crawled out of your wheelchair?

  • Mike Mc Grath-Bryan

    You’re only defending them because you think David Vincent looks cool.

  • pelsebuubi

     Obvious troll is obvious.

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