Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

Massive Aggressive? More like Massive Disappointment

Despite being the best thing to come out of Richmond, Virginia since Earl Hebner, the latest Municipal Waste album is about as bland & unremarkable your average Paul Anka album. At no point in my repeated listens of it did I want to down a beer, punch out a police officer and dive face-first through a plate glass window. Where is the fucking party?

It does have some highlights. Wolves of Chernobyl and Mech-Cannibal both feature inspired moments that should have the circle pits the size of France going. Upside Down Church starts out with a chunky intro before taking you into space on a rocket made of pure shred that the Bay Area titans of yesteryear would have been proud.

The guitar work is as tight as ever, Dave Witte’s drumming is on par with Slayer’s and the bass sound is awesome. The only issue I have with the production is that on a whole, the album sounds too polished. The Waste play crossover thrash and it’s a well known fact that all crossover should sound like it was recorded in a biscuit tin by 2 deaf crack addicts.

My major complaint with this album is that every song sounds like the last. There are only about 5 moments on the record that actually stand out. Its all filler, no killer.

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