Overkill – Ironbound

Overkill - Ironbound

Overkill - Ironbound

Old School Kings Put On A Clinic

Thrash metal’s recent resurgence has left us with a few shining gems in a sea of mediocrity & recycled Exodus riffs. Whilst we looked to the future & filtered the wheat from the chaff, the thrash from the trash, the Gama Bombs from the Eviles,A? New Jersey’s finest were putting together a masterpiece. Overkill have never been particularly progressive, they never went down the death vocals route a la Testament, the penis-flavoured corporate rock sound of Metallica. No, they preferred to thrash the old way, hitting everything head on with their punk-influenced brand of musical destruction & have the odd stroke on the way.

Overkill might be in their 30th year now but Ironbound has all the energy & punch of a bunch of ADHD delinquents on a day-trip to Starbucks. Opener The Green And Black serves as a devestating statement of intent with just a touch Take No Prisonersstyle Megadeth mixed in there. The title track follows & it’s classic Overkill to the core (minor pun intended). Whilst Blitz’s unique voice & DD Verni’s distinctive pick bass have always formed the backbone of Overkill’s trademark sound, new drummer Ron Lipnicki really shines driving the tempo to a crushing pace. It also includes some of the best, most technical solos they’ve ever produced.A? Both Derek Tailer & Dave Linsk have raised their game since the last album & the end result is outstanding.

[*] The Head & Heart is a lumbering heavy track that gives the feeling that you are about to be charged by a particularly vicious bull whilst the following cut, In Vain is a blinding yet funky thrashfest. Killing For A Living follows a similar structure to Overkill’s older material but is played with a machine-like precision that adds an extra bite to things.A?Closer The SRC is a beastly ode to the underground, a place Overkill have happily been reigning for last 3 decades.

The mix was handled by the ever capable Peter Tagtgren who is rapidly becoming to go-to guy for beastly sound, especially when Andy Sneap is unavailable. I’d go as far as to say that this is finest album Overkill have released since Necroshine & already a contender for album of the year.

If you aren’t currently an Overkill fan, this album isn’t going to do anything to change your mind, but if you don’t like Overkill, what the fuck are you doing on this fucking website. Leave your address as a comment below & I will charter a fucking jet to your doorstop, punt you in the face, snap your dick off with a crowbar, set it on fire & chuck it at your mum.

[*] We would like to apologise. There was intended to be, in the original review, another paragraph here detailing some of the stand-out tracks on the album. Unfortunately our reviewer got side tracked when it occurred to him that there might be some people that don’t like Overkill. I present the intended paragraph here & if you are a non-Overkill fan, kindly ask you to fuck right off.

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