The Browning – Time Will Tell

The Browning - Time Will Tell

The Browning - Time Will Tell

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  • The Browning

  • The Brown Ring

  • The Rim Sting

  • The Shitty Wings

  • The Soggy Shits

  • The Wet Farts

  • The Ruined Underwears

  • The Jobby Faces

5 Oli Sykes & a request to leave the hall

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  • Mike

    Hahahah, perfect review. They do fucking suck wet shite like

  • ShitMyPantsLastNight

    Their first and biggest mistake was naming their band the browning. If you name your band The Browning, how can you expect no one to think of shit? The second mistake? Deathcore.

  • Jono

    third mistake, fucking horrible clichéd ‘OMG we’re so different cos we have a keyboard LOL’ electronics.

  • Cuntflap

    Still makes me chuckle. Especially that bandmate’s hatemail you received. What a load of cunts.

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