Triaxis – Key To The Kingdom

Triaxis - Key To The Kingdom

Triaxis - Key To The Kingdom

Power Metal Perfection From The Valleys

Lets be honest: musically, we’ve not got a lot to thank Wales for. Tygertailz, Bonnie Tyler, Charlotte Church’s tits (anyone who mentions BFMV gets a free head wound) . That’s a pretty comprehensive list right there, but things might finally be changing. Hailing from South Wales, Triaxis are a female fronted power metal band who, hot off the heels of a, by all accounts, extremely impressive Bloodstock set have released a self-funded, self-recorded debut, Keys To The Kingdom.

Triaxis are a band that obviously love Maiden and their influence can be heard throughout the album, particularly on the faster tracks. There also plenty insane shredding solos that fans of Vai, Batio & melted faces. Special note should be made of the track Lies which is, and I’ll use a technical term here, epic-as-fuck!

The whole package is very impressive, even more so when you consider that it is all self-recorded. If I were to find one complaint with the production, it would be that some of the vocals on a couple of tracks don’t sound quite as polished as we’ve come to expect in this age of auto-tune & over-production but if the other option is to have all metal vocals sound like Kanye West, then I choose this every time. Comparisons between Triaxis & Holyhell are almost inevitable but the only one appropriate would be “Like Holyhell but not shit” or “Like Holyhell but 4 Kamelots better”.

The next stage for these guys better be a full tour of the European festivals circuit & maybe the UK power metal scene will finally be forgiven for inflicting ‘comedy’ frap-fest Dragonfarce on the world. Triaxis are poised to take the world by storm, that I will stake my anal virginity on. Seriously, buy this album now!

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