Blaze Bayley Live at Bannermans

Blaze Bayley Live at Bannermans

The Man Who Would Not Die

I’ve been fucking bored of heavy metal these days. I couldn’t even remember what I liked about it.A?Nothing could pull me out of this depression. Not Manowar’s first Glasgow date in 200 years, not a Priest-Maiden live one-two punch to my ear scrotum, not Joe Elliot performing Animal right at me personally. Shut up, he did. No, the thing that finally restored my faith in the mystical properties of denim & leather was a bald man in his late forties thrusting his beer gut enthusiastically into a half-filled cellar of sweat & beards.

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It is a little known fact but Blaze Bayley is the first entity ever to survive solely on a diet of crowd participation. The reason the man takes to the stage every night like his life depends on it, and I have it on very good authority that he does play 365 gigs a year, is that he needs to. He requires a daily dose or he would turn to dust. When there’s no backstage area, it’s hard to make a proper rock star entrance but that couldn’t stop Blaze’s triumphant arrival through a sparse crowd to the opening strains of The Brave.A?Much talk has been made of the recent line-up changes but no complaints could be lain at the feet of the new guys featuring a young Glenn Benton who’s enthusiastic style gave the impression that he might want to murder the drum kit rather than play it. No, they were tighter than a Dave Vincent PVC number.

Blaze’s inspirational series of lectures on the subject of defiance & rebellion punctuated a set of 15 song about defianceA?& rebellion. There was also a cautionary tale ofA?BluetoothA?bringing about the downfall of man so watch out for that one, kids. Drawing songs from his 5 solo albums, Blaze is not a man to rely on nostalgia. That said, he’s well aware of what his audience are after & 6 Maiden songs leave all but the most die hard of Virtual XI fans sated. Whilst Futureal & Man On The Edge bring theA?unanimityA?of the whole audience, it is impressive to see how well the solo material goes down. This is due to the simple yet brilliant choruses of tracks like Kill & Destroy,A?Ghost In The Machine & of course, the pre-requisite woahohoahs that Maiden have sadly moved on from.

The crowd allows for no break before the encore & the band are back in action seconds later with the outstanding Blood & Belief. Closing with my favourite version of Infinite Dreams, The Clansman never fails to go down well north of the border. It is with a renewed vigour that you leave a Blaze gig, ready to give two fingers to the naysayers, defeatists &A?critics.A?I never thought we’d have to do this again but it’s time to dust off the 100 Grimmetts.A?ClichA?sA?be damned, Blaze Bayley is the spirit of heavy metal embodied. Gig of the fucking year.

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  • Paul Brown

    /little finger in corner of mouth


  • Aaron J. Marko

    blaze bayley is still alive????????

  • Mcala

    Blaze Bayley is not only Alive but his voice is fucking awesome and better then ever as his solo records are top notch and the new Wolfsbane.Is awesome too dont judge a book by its cover.

  • Mcala

    he played in NYC BB KINGS He headlined Oct 30?

  • Sledge

    Another great performance from Blaze and coming on the back of an energetic Wolfsbane tour makes it all the more impressive.

    Personally I’d prefer it if Blaze ditched the Maiden material for his solo tours and maybe keep it for the acoustic sets.

  • Hairscareclairebear

    you cunt, Mr Blaze Bayley is nowhere near his late 40’s fuck off!
    He is forever mid 20’s in my eyes 😀

  • WaxLarry

    LOL u guys are absolute faggots.  u hate on great, up and coming bands like Parkway Drive, who have the future of metal in their hands, and yet u oargasm over shit like blaze fuckin bayley, who the fuck even is he?  u guys aren’t metal in the slightist.  

  • Ewen Cameron

    Does your mum know you are using the internet after your bed time? 

  • Sledge

    I’d suggest you spend a little less time on the internet and a bit more time doing your English homework.

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