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  • Paul Brown

    /little finger in corner of mouth


  • Aaron J. Marko

    blaze bayley is still alive????????

  • Mcala

    Blaze Bayley is not only Alive but his voice is fucking awesome and better then ever as his solo records are top notch and the new Wolfsbane.Is awesome too dont judge a book by its cover.

  • Mcala

    he played in NYC BB KINGS He headlined Oct 30?

  • Sledge

    Another great performance from Blaze and coming on the back of an energetic Wolfsbane tour makes it all the more impressive.

    Personally I’d prefer it if Blaze ditched the Maiden material for his solo tours and maybe keep it for the acoustic sets.

  • Hairscareclairebear

    you cunt, Mr Blaze Bayley is nowhere near his late 40’s fuck off!
    He is forever mid 20’s in my eyes 😀

  • WaxLarry

    LOL u guys are absolute faggots.  u hate on great, up and coming bands like Parkway Drive, who have the future of metal in their hands, and yet u oargasm over shit like blaze fuckin bayley, who the fuck even is he?  u guys aren’t metal in the slightist.  

  • Ewen Cameron

    Does your mum know you are using the internet after your bed time? 

  • Sledge

    I’d suggest you spend a little less time on the internet and a bit more time doing your English homework.

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