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Circle Of Tyrants

The questionable decision of putting Tyrants on 10 minutes after doors open meant that they began their set to an empty room, probably. I wouldn’t know, I was stuck behind a couple of junior SchrA?dingers who were trying to establish whether thrash was a subgenre of metal or not whilst their bags were searched for Glenns & books on quantum mechanics. Anyway, the second half of their set served as a timely reminder that they need get an album out. To a good majority of the crowd, these tracks are as well known as the headliners & the big sweaty man mess in the middle of room is indicative of their local hero status.


Soo-pah-cum-poo-tah! Mutant‘s refusal to put out an album is a subject close to my heart. In fact, if this album doesn’t fly about the room dispensing blow jobs, shooting lasers & making pizza, I’m going to have a wee cry. And possibly a poop. Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power & The Rauncher are highlights of a face-meltingA?set. Tighter than Mitch Lurker‘s jeans but nowhere near as atrociously, stab-inducingly shit, Mutant‘s live reputation is well deserved. A headline tour is both an inevitability &, much like a 15 year old girl, a source of way too much arousal to be legal.


Amon Amarth want their riffs back.


Evile‘s meteoric rise to the top of the new thrash pile is nothing short of unprecedented & with that rise has come an unmeetable expectation that they are going to somehow overcome the limitations of heavy metal & reach a stadium filling, mid-ninties Metallica level. This is, of course, retarded. What Evile can do is pen a thrash anthem that’ll rip your balls off & force them violently up your anus. It is this proclivity that probably means we won’t see them selling out Hampden any time soon. It also means I’m not exaggerating when I say that Thrasher is the Toxic Waltz of this generation* & A?there’s a very good reason why Ol was chosen as the guy to fill in for Destruction when Mike Sifringer had his hand kicked off.

The set serves to highlight the massive leaps Evile made in songwriting from Enter The Grave to Infected Nations. Whilst First Blood & ETG are very much straight-forward Exodus template plagiarism, A Plague To End All Plagues is the calling card of a technically brilliant, modern thrash outfit combining the old school influences of Puppets-era Metallica with a pioneering vision to carve out a sound of their own in a very stagnant genre.A?Closing with much missed bassist Mike Alexander’s Killer From The Deep, it’s a clear bookmark to the end of a turbulent, emotional chapter in the book of one of the most exciting bands in the UK at the moment.

* I have, at this point, been compelled by my own brain to remind you that every Black Talon song is the Toxic Waltz of this generation & the fact they weren’t main support on this tour was a gross oversight on the part of the organisers. These are facts.

Credit for the cardura tablets buy, buy zithromax. pictures goes to Emy “I’m not going to Leeds” McLeod.

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