Manowar – Birmingham O2 Academy 27/03/11


Black Wind, Fire and Steel, respectively.


The Crown and the Bullring


Mana?? Discovers Fire.
Mana?? Invents The Wheel.
Mana?? Builds The Printing Press.
Mana?? Creates Electricity.
Mana?? Splits The Atom.
Mana?? Lands On The Moon.
Mana?? Owar.

Some moments are destined to ring loud throughout the corridors of eternity, like distant echoes from the very birth of our universe. Some moments are so periactin buy online, purchase lioresal. colossal in magnitude as to spin the entire viewpoint of humanity on its axis, forever altering the fundaments of mankinda??s consciousness and forcing long-defined principles of thought to be completely changed. Some moments come to define aeons and provide the fables that will be passed on through the millennia by the songs, poetry and art of our children and the children of a thousand generations to come, the stories of which will give rise to a thousand religions. I can say honestly, without the slightest trace of hyperbole, that Manowara??s triumphant return to Britain after 17 years away is undoubtedly the biggest, most sensational moment in the history of the universe, multiplied by ten.

From the moment we were granted entry into the hall of the Immortals (Birmingham O2 Arena) we knew that this was going to be something quite incredible. Behind a mysterious black cloth of steel cotton supported by the gaffer tape of Isengard stood the drum kit forged from the steel of a thousand small motorbikes. Some speculated that the leftover steel was used to create a single much, much bigger motorbike, but this was never clarified. Thousands of fans poured in to the increasingly sweaty battle dome and marvelled in unison around the merchandise stand at the incredible foresight of Manowar, who had used their mystical powers of clairvoyance to look 20 years into the future at the massive devaluation of the pound and set their prices accordingly. And, lo, the faithful saw that it was good and did payeth A?35 for a t-shirt.

A mere one hour and 45 minutes after the doors opened, the mighty Manowar emerged as the backdrop of the Kings was unfurled and dutifully set about preaching the merits of metal with all the subtlety and introverted understatement one might expect at a Nuremberg Rally, eliciting the sort of frenzied response not seen since Hitlera??s a??No Sleep a??Til Hamburgsmitha?? farewell tour of a??45. It was an incredible, heartwarming, life-affirming and uplifting feeling to be a part of a gathering of thousands of fanatical, identically-dressed white men chanting a??haila?? with their hands saluting proudly in the air. Not that there were any similarities to Nuremburg, of course. Instead of listening to the horrendous deluded ramblings of a mad dictator, here each and every person in attendance was left rapt in the cult of personality as the glorious dictator Joey DiMaioa??s jaw-dropping, yet madly deluded and rambling bass solo rang, clicked and squeaked beautifully throughout our ears.

Manowar were, as you have probably read in all the newspapers, here to play through their epoch-making debut album, Battle Hymns, and the occasion was rightly greeted with the sort of religious fervour that theologians had thought only possible should Jesus himself return and offer a limited run of tickets for an intimate Q&A interspersed with readings of his dada??s hit book a??The Biblea??. Each song they played from the album seemed to gather momentum: Manowar gave way to an arousing Death Tone, which grew into a firm Fast Taker before a rock hard, twitching Shell Shock took us to the very brink and… Yes… Yeeeessss… the band and crowd literally climaxed at the greatness of Battle Hymn.

For most humans this would signal the glorious ending to a concert, lifetime or galactic empire. Manowar, however, still had time to fire out another 17 songs, 17 of which featured the words ‘Metal’, ‘Kill’ and ‘Steel’, which was enough to be confirmed as a new Guinness World True Metal Record by an oiled, loincloth-clad Norris McWhirter. The Kings Of Metal literally did not pause for the duration of the gig’s entire 135 minutes of steel, propelled relentlessly by an unquenchable thirst for the gift of true metal and fruity leather waistcoats. Sadly this meant we had to miss the intense power of a Joey DiMaio rant, which left a large number of the fans in attendence at a loss as to what direction to now steer their lives, having grown weary of their epic quest to annihilate the Facebook servers through the unlimited power of Manowarism.

By the time a rousing Hail & Kill and Black Wind, Fire and Steel had been thrust violently into our souls, they finished with a superb closing 10 minutes of Feedback arr. for Guitar & Bass. As Joey presented his snapped bass string to a young pleasure slave with a cheeky thrust of his leather posing pouch, it was clear that tonight he would again have no shortage of help saddling his horse as he drinks his last ale. The mighty Eric Adams again redefined the order of the universe by proclaiming that THEY WILL RETURN, and the warm glory of The Crown & The Ring allowed the exhausted warriors – many emotional and overcome with tears – to leave the hall with honour and pride, particularly one young girl clutching a guitar string who was sobbing something about kissing the ring and now being a slave… Not a wife.

Manowar may never return, but the memory of the night will take its rightful place high atop the mountain of human accomplishment, the sheer legacy of majesty being enough to cement their position as the foremost legends of all music forevermore.

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Probably the worst man on the internet, he enjoys Thrash, Death, Prog and Halford. Not necessarily in that order. Outside of music his hobbies include sitting about, moaning about things and Manowar. See how much Michael Bolton he listens to on

  • Rebecca Dix

    Awesome and entertaining review sir! Well said.

  • Danny Joyce

    All 3000 people there would agree with your appreciation of the evening.
    My favourite bit was when, at the end Eric offered up the guitar and bass for a double finger tapping orgy of noise. I have never seen or heard anything quite as good/bad in my lfe. AWESOME!!

  • Matthew Roche

    Best review so far of the best gig of the year so far.

  • Robespierre

    Methinks you are taking the mick somewhat. Although maybe I am the only one who has noticed… 😉

  • Ewen Cameron

    Methinks you underestimate how much the author loves Manowar.

  • Robespierre

    I would hope so – coz I love them as well. 🙂

  • Valhalla from Italy

    You’re a genius. Sincerely.

  • Dennis Jarman

    You summed it up perfectly mate.I expected a good review from Kerrapp but it was tiny and Metal Hammer was quite small but it did include a pic,unlike Kerrang.Even Classic Rock gave the gig the thumbs up.All in all it was a life changing gig.I hadnt seen Manowar in the UK since 92 and previously in 87 and 3 times in 84 but they surpassed themselves in Birmingham.I was a bit miffed bout £35 for a shirt but would have bought one if they had made them with just the Birmingham date on but thats a minor whinge.Thought security were a bit heavy handed with the “no camera” policy but apparently they were instructed to do so by the band’s management as they were filming the gig for future release.Thanks again for the great review! m/

  • Foxynixy

    A banging review for a bamging gig!!! Thank you Manowar come back to English shores soon x

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  • paul clark snr

    yea i think that was a fair apprasel of the gig including the oor helpng me put the show on in birmingham it was mainly him that did all the organising
    for that show and the other uk shows that followed and thanks to that
    show he got spotted by a quit famouse singer and they have now put a
    band together and are just finishing a new album to be released in the
    next few months so thanks again for your input and a speacial thanks to
    the manowar fans that have ne of my son paul jnr the reason he supported manowar was it was a thank you to him from joey fsupported him on youtube etc thanks again   paul clark snr

  • Guestpaul snr

    sorry some how my comments got jumbled up in the posting but you get the jest paul snr

  • Anon

    By my troth, Swordbrother – verily do I feel that I should have shelled out 50 quid for a ticket! Or perhaps not…

  • Arttu Kimmel

    This is the only review in the universe.

  • Myspiritliveson

    I was there, the Power and MIght of True Heavy MEtal saw that the Dead were Raised, and souls were absorbed and ALL were reborn in the Fire of True Heavy Metal. posers were turned to ash and faces were melted on maximum power. Hail and Kill. In stainless steel.

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