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Anthrax – Worship Music

The accepted divergence point for Anthrax fans is the 1992 departure of charismatic front-man, Joey Belladonna. His firing marked a further shift towards darker, more straight-faced heavy metal which distinguished Persistence of Time from earlier material so the question is this. After 19 years in the thankless wastelands of solo recording, will his glorious return unite fans old & new in a golden era of peace, love & tongue-in-cheek thrash? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

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Kyrbgrinder – Cold War Technology

Immediately, I’m split over this release. There is something very special about a good 3-piece. Rush, Motorhead, Venom, um, Hanson. Ok so it doesn’t always work but there’s something magic when it does. There’s no room for slacking when there are only 3 of you. Anyway, I have to temper this with the fact that Kyrbgrinder‘s vocals are handled by their drummer, Johanne James. As a basic rule, anyone who handles both vocals & drums doesn’t do either very well. When you are already using 4 limbs, adding singing to this is a bit of a stretch. Imagine Muhammed SuiA?mez tap dancing for a whole Necrophagist set and you are there. Anyway, his drumming ability is not in question here. The man has been a member of the massively underrated Threshold since 2001’s Hypothetical & it’s fair to say he’s paid his dues.

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Nightwish Pain
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