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Taken from last year’s brilliantly named yet slightly disappointing Massive Aggressive, Acid Sentence is Municipal Waste doing what they do best. It’s actually an exclusive debut to a site that’s not this one but I suspect that is an oversight on their part, rather than an intentional snub. Anyway, we nicked it & present it here for your audiovisual pleasure. It’s a bit of a gorefest, just the way we like things.

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Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive

Despite being the best thing to come out of Richmond, Virginia since Earl Hebner, the latest Municipal Waste album is about as bland & unremarkable your average Paul Anka album. At no point in my repeated listens of it did I want to down a beer, punch out a police officer and dive face-first through a plate glass window. Where is the fucking party?

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Nightwish Pain
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